Montego Bay, Jamaica

IMG_3431To celebrate two amazing years, A and I dashed off to a Caribbean island for a little escape to paradise. We had such a great time soaking in that Jamaican sun. There is nothing like a tropical getaway in the dead of a Canadian winter.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate two years of love and friendship with my best friend. This trip really reminded me how much fun we always have together – just the two of us – eating, drinking, partying, sleeping, laughing, and talking about everything and absolutely nothing at the same time. Being in a long distance relationship, our time together is all the more special! I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.

As soon as we touched down and arrived at the resort, we hit the beach and kept those drinks coming. Between the endless mix of beers, rum and cokes, pina coladas, and that famous Jamaican rum punch the rest was history.


IMG_3442 IMG_3443

IMG_3435First day… Keep the drinks coming please! 🙂

IMG_3481These beef patties were sold by the sweetest Jamaican man who rolled around our resort every day with his whole vendor on a bike. Just thinking about these patties make my mouth water!

IMG_3572The Reggae Catamaran was one of the highlights of our trip. Our cruise was docked along the famous Doctor Cave’s beach so we got to spend some time there. It is one of the nicest beaches I’ve seen. Clear sand and perfect turquoise water. My choice of a mint dress seemed fitting… It matched the ocean perfectly!


IMG_3619 IMG_3613

We found dinner on the cruise too.. Fresh out of the ocean – A female and male sea urchin! It doesn’t get fresher than that right?

IMG_6426Of course, my favorite part about a beach vacation is dressing up every night and going for dinner! One evening, we went for a stroll before our dinner reservations and caught a beautiful sunset.


What I miss the most is hanging out by the pool after dinner, just drinking and having desserts. The best way to end a long day of doing absolutely nothing!

IMG_3722 IMG_3730

This was our last day to enjoy the beautiful weather. We spent it lounging around the pool all day trying to take in the moment because paradise was coming to an end.. Besides getting strep throat in Jamaica and having to see a doctor who prescribed me a big beautiful needle. The trip was pretty perfect.

Montego Bay is a beautiful place! It was a very memorable trip for us. Hopefully we will be fortunate enough to get away like this every year.