Au Revoir Washington, DC

This post is my little tribute to Washington, DC. These pictures were taken during my visit there this summer but I never got around to posting them. Now seems like a good time… A is in the midst of packing up his life in DC and moving to Calgary. Good news is.. no more long distance – hoooray to that! But the bad news is that although I’m not the one leaving, I’m just as sad to see him go. This means that I have to say goodbye too :(. It was like my second home while he was living there and we have so many good memories. Don’t be too sad for me though, hehe 😉 – we will definitely be back. We’ve made it a goal of ours to one day move back to DC and make that our home.

On the bright side of things and true to our form, we find any excuse to travel and make an adventure out of it. I’ll be meeting him in Chicago – the place I’ve been wanting to go for so long now! Than, we will be driving from Chicago to Calgary. Yes, I said it.. Chicago to Calgary. 24 hour road trip, here we come!

The other bad news is no more beautiful backgrounds like this for my pictures!