Time In Between

Time In Between

Since coming back from India, I’ve finally caught a breath to get back on my blog! Last time I checked in on here was right before we took off, at the end of September – how time flies. As soon as we returned, I was in over my head with a gruesome 8 weeks of school, then celebrated the success of passing the first CPA module (Hooray! 1 down, 6 more to go) with a trip to Turks and Caicos.

Of course, the holiday season has kept me on my toes with back-to-back Christmas parties, our birthday celebration, and gatherings with friends. I promised myself that I would post about my travels before module 2 starts again and throws me back on another hiatus.

This week is going to be another whirlwind – my family’s annual Christmas dinner and than we’re off to Montreal to spend the rest of the holidays with A‘s family. I am looking forward to winding down, relaxing, doing nothing, and catching up on some travel posts! Stay tuned 😉