Full Swing

Full Swing

This weekend flew by. It’s the last weekend of wedding planning in full swing before hitting the pause button. Between learning a new job at work and school back in full swing for the next 8 weeks, there won’t be time for much else.

My intended plans for Saturday night was to catch up with a friend over a low-key dinner at Barcelona Tavern, then, head to the movies for a good ol’ cheesy JLo thriller. I had been to Barcelona Tavern a couple of months back for a work lunch and was dying to return for their tapas. At the end of dinner, the plans took a slight turn and we skipped the movies to meet some more friends at National on 10th for beers and bowling. I am enjoying what’s left of this weekend before my social life officially becomes a study life.







IMG_1228Lobster Ravioli and Parmesan Truffle Frites

IMG_1230Mussels Tarragon Cream