This weekend, we welcomed February with snowfall and a cold hard reminder that it is still winter. I wanted nothing more than to stay in the warmth of my bed and work on all the new content ideas I have planned for C&C. Instead, I braved the cold and hit the town to celebrate a couple birthdays. Admittedly, I go through phases where putting together an outfit is made more difficult than it should be. I try on multiple outfits and complain to A that a shopping spree is in order because I have nothing to wear. When this happens, I rely on my tried and true strategy – going back to the basics. This outfit was put together on a whim with pieces that are my go-to closet staples. It’s amazing how many ways a denim chambray can be styled. Typically, I shy away from too many accessories but adding a few small touches like this statement necklace, a bold red lip, and my Prada Saffiano made this outfit instantly evening appropriate.