5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day has been a favorite holiday of mine ever since A and I have been together. Ironically, it was the day we met each other for the first time. It’s special not only because I enjoy getting spoiled and spoiling the ones I love – but because no matter how we celebrate the day, we always have a good laugh looking back on our first encounters that night and how our cheesy love story quickly unfolded.

Here is a curated list of my favorite date night ideas for Valentine’s Day or any other night.

1 | Recreate A Favorite Date

Let’s be honest – the reality of being in a long term relationship is that coming up with creative and fun date night ideas don’t always come easy. Sometimes simply recreating your favorite memories again can be fun, special, and makes for a great night of reminiscing with each other. My favorite date night memory was when A was living in Washington, DC and I visited him for a week in the Summer. Being in a long distance relationship makes date nights all the more special. We created an “around the world” theme for the week which was fitting as we were going to Haiti the week after. The idea was that each night was to replicate and resemble a different culture – Italian, Korean, Southern, Portuguese, French.

Put on your best version of a Parisian-inspired outfit, head to a great local French Bistro, and finish off the night at your favourite wine and cheese bar. Or, if you’re lucky and live in a city like Washington, DC – pick up a bottle of wine, some cheese-to-go, and head to the National Mall to enjoy.

2 | Have A Four-Course Dinner At Four Different Places

This probably sounds crazy but it can actually be a lot of fun! Start your night off with drinks at Wine-Ohs, hop over to Barcelona Tavern for a couple of tapas, eat dinner at Murrieta’s Bar & Grill, then finish off the night with some desserts at Corbeaux Bakehouse. You can collaborate and divvy up the planning process or be completely spontaneous together. It’s a fun way to keep the night interesting, besides, a little spontaneity never hurt anyone 🙂

3 | Staycation

A and I love staying in hotels. It’s one of our favourite little quirks about travelling. Although some cities can be better than others for this, spending the day being a tourist in your own city can be unexpectedly entertaining. Find some great new restaurants to dine at, enjoy handcrafted coffee at a local favourite cafe while reading a book, revel in live music, visit the science centre or a museum, get a hotel for the night, order room service. Sometimes just getting out of your routine and daily environment can be a breath of fresh air and just what you need to spice things up.

4 | Group Date

For those who would rather spend this holiday in the company of others, having a group date can be tons of fun. Round up a group of your favourite couples – go bowling, plan a couples retreat in the country, have a games night, go skating or take a cooking class. While all of these can be fun with just the two of you, doing them with a group of your favourite people can be even more enjoyable.

5 | All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

For those homebodies who would rather do nothing else but enjoy the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home – plan a stay-at-home date. One person can make the appetizers and desserts while the other person prepares dinner. Another fun addition is to organize a wine/beer/whiskey tasting just for two. Picnic in front of your fireplace then watch your favorite romantic comedy or tragic love story. If you’re feeling really ambitious, I’d say put on a fabulous Valentine’s Day outfit to embrace the holiday spirit, even if you’re staying in 🙂