Oh, Paris!

Oh, Paris!

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love affair with Paris. I had been there a few times before – in high school and while I was studying abroad in Spain – but I always felt a tug at my heart to return to this magical city. When the opportunity came up to go back with A – I was beyond excited to experience my favorite city in the world with him! It was a spur of the moment trip that turned out to be one of our top 3 adventures together.

We had a long but pleasant travel day getting into Paris and arrived around noon. We were both struggling hard to fight the jet lag but wanted to make the most out of every minute in Paris. In the interest of keeping this trip low-budget, we rented a small studio apartment in the 3rd arrondissment. The location was central and in a great local neighborhood that didn’t feel so touristy. Immediately, A and I embraced Parisian culture and did as the French do – we stumbled into a cafe and sat on what they call a “pavement terrace” to sip delicious coffee while people watching (a Parisian ritual that we thoroughly enjoyed and found ourselves repeating multiple times a day, every day..)

We quickly learned that the best way to experience Paris is just to walk aimlessly with no direction or agenda and get lost in the city’s street. It wouldn’t take long before we discovered something beautiful that was off the beaten path or hidden gems that would otherwise be missed. On our second day, A and I walked for hours and hours with the intent of eventually making it to the Eiffel Tower. We wandered around and lost ourselves from one district to the next as we alternated our path between the small cobblestone streets and the walkway along the River Seine. Although our legs paid the price, there is no better way to discover all of what Paris has to offer. I realized that, up until now, I had been experiencing Paris all wrong.

IMG_1658A and I have this weird tendency to crave steak wherever we travel. On our first night, we wanted to try this famous steakhouse – Robert et Louise. We got lost trying to find this place and it took us over an hour to finally locate it. That was the first of many times that we would get lost that week.

IMG_1513The steak was delicious and totally worth getting lost for!

IMG_1656Loved the fresh and beautiful flowers that were sold on nearly every street.

image1 (1)Our first brunch at Cafe Madam. Again, we got pretty lost trying to find this place. In fact, we walked by it a couple times not even realizing that we passed it.

image1No wonder the French are so skinny! All their meals are served with salad as the side. The brunch was amazing – highly recommend this place!

IMG_1657Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

IMG_1660The Love Locks Bridge

IMG_1659A is so sweet and surprised me with a custom-made lock. Can you spot it? Word is that Paris is slowly cutting off all the locks but at least we can say we did it!

IMG_1661 Love the narrow streets. Makes for the perfect backdrop, don’t you think? 😉


IMG_1663 Finally had Ladurée Macarons.. Delicious, to say the least!

IMG_1664 The National Assembly


IMG_1666The gorgeous 7th arrondissement | After over an hour of walking, we got a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in this beautiful neighbourhood. We were excited to finally be near our destination. Turns out, it wasn’t as close as it looked…

image4Finally, made it!

image2 (4)We picked up some fresh quiches at a nearby Pâtisserie and enjoyed them next to the Eiffel Tower…

image6… While A decided what we would tackle next.

IMG_1667We decided it was time for an afternoon coffee 🙂


IMG_1691I was so in love with all the windows and balconies. Couldn’t stop snapping pictures of them!

IMG_1668Dinner time with a beautiful view. I can never get enough of these little Parisian streets.



IMG_1670It’s exciting every time you get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

image3 (1)The Eiffel Tower is my favourite at night. When it lights up as the sun is setting – there is nothing like it!

IMG_1689We picked up some beers and had a mini picnic on the lawn – it was one of my favourite things to do in Paris.

image3View from underneath.