Jardin Du Luxembourg

Jardin Du Luxembourg

For the most part, A and I are usually avid planners when it comes to our travels. What we loved so much about this particular trip was that we learned how much fun (…and relaxing) it can be just to go with the flow and let the unexpected guide us.

On our third day, we didn’t have much planned besides to explore the left bank of Paris – the area South of the Seine River. After a couple days of getting settled in, we started to ease into our mornings with a bit of a routine. Get up, walk to the nearest cafe, order a cafe viennois, espresso and croissants. After our morning coffee, we continued our walk around the area and did some window shopping. Although I had full intentions of doing some serious shopping in Paris, once we were there, I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting our days away indoors. By around lunch time, we stumbled into an incredibly upscale version of a “food court” inside Le Bon Marche and had a quick bite to eat.

After lunch, we strolled over to The Luxembourg Gardens which was in the same neighborhood. It’s no secret that the French love their gardens – just another place to do those other things that they love – people watching, socializing, having picnics and drinking wine. All of which A and I could seriously get used to as well.

One of our favorite afternoon anecdote is the lazy mid-day nap that we took in the Luxembourg Gardens. After waking up from a refreshing 20 minute nap, A and I didn’t skip a beat and headed straight to get our afternoon fix of coffee and pastries. As the rest of the day unfolded, we continued to spend countless hours walking and logged lots of miles strolling around. There were also a couple more stops for coffee and sweet treats 🙂


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image2Le Bon Marche | An upscale department store for both luxury brand names and food. A very contemporary and modern space.







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image5 (3)The highlight of our day was this incredibly public nap on the most uncomfortable lawn chairs. 

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image10 (3)What a hard life.. Woke up from our nap and headed for coffee, pastries, fresh bread and some goat cheese!


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image6 (3)Tired from all the walking, going a little crazy, and getting a little goofy. We needed coffee!

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image7 (2)My obsession with windows and balconies continue…

image9 (2)Decisions, decisions!

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On to our third coffee of the day – we were highly caffeinated on this trip and liked to keep it that way!

image10 (2)Brought my own snack that we picked up on the way 🙂

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image4 (3)Opted for a fast and cheap dinner to take a break from all our fancy meals.