For our honeymoon, we had played around with the idea of a few different places. After a lot of thought and deliberation, A and I decided we would take a risk and venture off to Malta. Malta is a beautiful jewel located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily, Italy and the North African coast. Sometimes referred to as the Maltese Islands, the country of Malta is made up of three small islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Going there, we didn’t know what to expect and given that it is a relatively underrated European country, our research didn’t yield anything too groundbreaking. We always got asked, “why Malta, how did you even come up with that” – truth is, I saw someone famous on my Instagram go there, I pitched the idea to A, and just like that he was in!

Malta embodies history and culture while set against a backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The North African and Italian influence was apparent everywhere you go – from the Maltese language and food to the landscape and lifestyle. Beyond being rich in history, the food & wine scene in Malta is remarkable. We had such an incredible time there and it’s hard to sum the experience up into a few posts. No amount of words or pictures can really do this place justice but it definitely made for a truly memorable honeymoon.

The view from our hotel room which was located in St. Julian’s, a town in the central region of Malta.

Ready for a full day of exploring!

Visiting the Blue Grotto Caves.

Most nights we fought the call of the pillow and made our way to nearby St. Julian’s for a sunset dinner at the harbor. St. Julian’s is bustling with people and charming, what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in atmosphere. We ended up here often for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a drink or strolling along the waterfront.

Documenting our daily adventures in our travel journal.

We’re always on the hunt for steak, no matter where we go!


Visiting the Malta at War Museum 




The most beautiful thing about Malta is how the medieval city landscapes meet the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our life goal? To buy a yacht and dock it here for Summer vacations.

Seriously good food with a seriously nice backdrop.

The sweet little Peugeot that took us to every end of the island. A became an expert at traffic circles and driving on the left side.

We were constantly pulling over for photo ops. It was a serious challenge to capture what we saw.

A full day of sun, sand, and awesome adventures. What’s not to smile about?

Writing in our travel journal while a horse and carriage comes passing down the street. No big deal?

The seafood in Malta is seriously fresh, the freshest I’ve ever had. Not to mention – cheap!

Maltese cuisine is just incredible on so many levels. We almost never had a bad meal in Malta. If you’re a foodie, this place will not disappoint. 

We definitely didn’t experience Malta like typical tourists. In one week, we explored virtually every crack and crevice of the island. Having a car made all the difference – we were able to visit as many places as we wanted in one day without any limitations, going from North to South and East to West. Going into this trip, we had no idea what to expect. By the end of the week, this trip went down in the books as one of our favourite travel experiences to date!

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