Swinging Around South Malta

Swinging Around South Malta

The South Coast of Malta was where are all the hidden gems are found.Our first stop was the colorful Sunday Fish Market at Marsaxlokk. The market sells fresh seafood, fresh produce, and the usual abundance of tourist souvenirs. Truth be told, the market itself was underwhelming. The ratio of shot glasses to seafood was easily two to one. However, the harbour was definitely the main attraction in the area. It was filled with the rainbow hues of traditional Maltese fishing boats called Luzzus, which were not just for show but were still used to fish all that fresh seafood we came to love in Malta. The scene looked like it was straight out of a postcard and had me running around the dock snapping pictures from every angle possible, at an attempt to capture the picture perfect scene. But there was more to explore down South.


Neither A and I are huge art people but these captured our eyes and we now have one hanging in our powder room. A sweet reminder of Malta in our home.

Stopping for some fresh seafood at a local restaurant in the middle of the Fish Market.

This calamari was delicious. Seriously couldn’t get over how fresh the seafood was. We were told that, at most restaurants, the seafood is caught in the morning or afternoon and served fresh that day.


I was obsessed with the colourful doors of Malta.


From our research, we learned about a beautiful, secluded, and off the map (literally) beach – St. Peter’s Pool. To be clear, the word “beach” in Malta can be misleading. Most of the spots that were called beaches, did not look like your typical beach. Nonetheless, the directions online to St. Peter’s Pool were vague and virtually non-existent but A was determined to get us there. On our first attempt, we got lost and stumbled across a beach/bay area. To be honest, I still don’t know the exact name of this spot but it was a unique and beautiful spot. Although it wasn’t quite what we were looking for, we were intrigued, and decided to spend some time there. Hidden gem #1.

With all the beautiful bays and coves in every corner of the island, there are always yachts and boats anchored for the day while people spend the day eating, drinking, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea around them. 

Not quite soft sand but it will do in Malta. People park themselves with beach towels and enjoy the blazing sun and beautiful landscape around them.



Although we did not find St. Peter’s Pool on our first try, we tried again another day to locate our hidden gem #2. Literally a hidden gem. Following random landmarks in the area and A‘s best guesses on where a dirt road may or may not lead, we finally found it on our second attempt. After a precarious long drive on a tiny one-lane dirt road we found the beautiful secluded beach with crystal clear water. St. Peter’s Pool was just another example of Mother Nature showing off in Malta. It was totally worth the game of lost and found. At this point, we learned that the best beaches in Malta involve a bit of a journey followed by a sweaty hike but they were always insanely worth it.

The swimming hole was difficult to access but it was filled with constant traffic of savvy locals and in-the-know tourists. Our fondest memory of visiting St. Peter’s Pool? A small dog jumping off the steep cliff numerous times to fetch a bottle his owner was tossing into the water, swimming to shore himself, and repeating this over a dozen times. You seriously don’t see that every day.

Malta was exactly what we wanted for our honeymoon — unplanned, relaxed, spontaneous and with so many surprises around every corner!


An impeccable view we just couldn’t get enough of.

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