2015 was an exceptional year. I was convinced that 2014 would be a hard one to top. Well, I was wrong. 2015 was monumental! We kicked off our travels this year in Paris & Rome. Paris quickly became one of our favourite destinations. Shortly after that, I was off to Vegas to celebrate my last single girl weekend. Before I knew it, our much anticipated wedding sneaked up on me. A and I had a wonderful wedding weekend filled with so much love, family, and laughter. Despite all the stress leading up to it – it was all worth it. We couldn’t have been happier with how well both our families got along and how much fun everyone had together. That was everything.

We took off to Malta for our honeymoon and it was another huge highlight for our travels this year. No words can describe how perfect Malta was. We had so much fun and it was truly an unforgettable experience. After our honeymoon, we dove right back into work and school – a hard act to juggle but that pretty much summed up our Summer, Fall and Winter. At the end of November, we took a trip to the Caribbean and visited Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire.

While those highlighted the bigger events, there were plenty of memorable moments in between. One of our biggest milestones this year was upgrading our one bedroom condo to a townhouse in the East Village. A and I are both thrilled to now have twice the space where we can start building our home together. Although that won’t be ready until Summer of 2016, we started renting a condo right next door to our townhouse and have quickly adapted to downtown living.

All in all, 2015 was a remarkable year. 2016 is going to be another big year – we will finally be moving into our new home together, I’ll be finishing my CPA in May, and then returning back to Haiti for the fourth time. Here’s to another year of never touching the ground!

IMG_1577Made our mark on the famous Love Locks Bridge in Paris

IMG_2026An amazing trip to my favourite city in the world with my favourite travel partner

IMG_2647Visiting Vatican City in Rome

IMG_2419Getting lost in the streets of Rome

IMG_1327.jpgCelebrating my last single girl weekend in Vegas

IMG_1324.jpgMy first pool party in Vegas

IMG_0471.jpgOur Indian Wedding

DSC_8681The Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

DSC_0069Officially married!

IMG_4292Honeymoon in Malta

IMG_5195Valletta, Malta

IMG_4102Boating to Comino Island

IMG_2025 2Day trip to Gozo Island

IMG_7328Mambo Beach in Curacao

IMG_7758Exploring the Happy Island of Aruba

IMG_8273Lac Bay in Bonaire – part of Bonaire National Park, this is the biggest lagoon of the Netherlands Antilles

IMG_2779Another one of my proudest accomplishments this year was finally being able to do a soft launch for our social business – FENVII Collective. Although, we have been working relentlessly on building this together over the past two years, everything really started coming together this year. A and I have always dreamed of starting a non-profit together and we finally got it off the ground running. We’re both so excited for all the incredible things that we’re going to do with FENVII and being able to use this as a platform to do what we’re so passionate about. Stay tuned everyone 😉