If I had to sum up 2016 in one word, it would be rollercoaster. There were so many exceptional highs, like finally finishing graduate studies after two gruesome years, moving into our new home, and the launch of our baby, FENVII Collective, into a successful holiday season. But there were also the lowest of lows, like spending a majority of the year in and out of hospitals, losing my grandpa, and an unexpected wake-up call to learn my dad was going into the hospital.

2016 was the year of accomplishments while enduring hardships. A stark contrast from 2015 – a year of travel and being carefree. When I look back at this rollercoaster of a year, it’s hard to truly appreciate all the great things that happened amidst all the bad. But the truth is, there is light even in the low moments. The irony is that during these trying times, it brought together our family. More than ever, I am grateful for my big and crazy family. This year, I learned that we cannot take the highs without the lows, nor can we truly appreciate the good moments without the bad.

With 2017 approaching, I feel an immense wave of inspiration. Now that studying is out of the way, I hope that 2017 will be filled with time. Time to do the things I love, time to do the things I wanted to do but couldn’t because of studying (like blogging more), and time to spend with family. Particularly, I am excited to see where our travels will bring us in the new year. Here’s to enjoying the big moments, the small moments, and everything in between –  because life really is short!

Visiting Granville Island in Vancouver.

One of the best days in my life so far – getting my CFE results!

Welcoming a fluffy new member to our family – Alfie Sheth.

Quick trip to Ottawa

Moving into our new place and slowly turning it into a home where we love to be.

A moved to Kingston, Jamaica for two months this year and was living there like a true local. I went to visit him for two weeks and we got to explore Jamaica in a way we wouldn’t otherwise have done. This is us hanging out at Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica – the only place in Kingston we were really able to take out our phone or camera.

Indulging in these seriously amazing patties.

The Frenchman’s Cove Resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Having dinner at the GeeJam Hotel in Port Antonio

Beach day in Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Exploring Ochos Rios

Our first annual cousin’s Gingerbread House contest.

Packing corporate orders for the holidays – no happier moment. 

Hosting our first Christmas dinner at The Sheths. 

Wishing everyone all the best in 2017!